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We are a family business with three locations: Joshua Tree Rock Shop, Palm Springs Rock Shop, and the soon to be opened Bali Breeze Home Decor.

Our connection with gem mines in Brazil and all over the world provides us with a great selection of gemstones, crystals, fossils, and minerals.

At the Bali Breeze Home Decor, you can find exotic rustic wood furniture, large sized Buddhas, wood slabs, and unique home decor pieces from Indonesia.

Also, family fun at the Gemstone Mine located at the Joshua Tree Rock Shop. The Gem Mine allows anyone to pan for real gemstones. It is great for kids of all ages, sharing the experience of a gem mine with the family!

Our different types of mining packs offer rocks from all over the world. Come to find and collect stones from Brazil, Mexico, Africa, United States, Canada and much more!

There is a myriad of different gemstones with all shapes and colors to discover!

Joshua Tree Rock Shop

Palm Springs Rock Shop

Bali Breeze Home Decor